10 Tips for Buying the Best Clothing Fabrics

While several people enjoy shopping and find it addictive or relaxing, whichever works, there comes a point when you face the difficulty of picking what’s right. Oftentimes, we feel muddled with the quality of a product and are unsure if it would last as long as it should or if it’s worth the price, we’re paying for it. Be it something to wear or hold, if we’re spending our money on it, we deserve nothing but the best. If not, we at least deserve products that offer what they claim. 

Did you know that identifying some fabrics is easy and you can run this quality check anywhere, anytime, before buying it? These 10 tips are just what you need to make the perfect buy. Take a look! 

  1. Cotton- Hmm, can you really check the quality of cotton apparel? Absolutely! Crush a part of the cloth with your palms. If it crumbles easily and stays like that for a while, it’s probably not worth it. The cloth will be no good after a few washes.
  2. Check the stitches- If you’re buying something of high quality, the stitches would be dense. Try pulling the stitches (gently, it’s still cloth), and if the threads show easily, it’ll probably not last long. 
  3. Zip-zip- Open zippers are a big no-no. They’ll rip off easily and are also difficult to maintain when it comes to washing. Buy clothes whose zippers come covered with a strap. 
  4. Hem Length- The greater the length of the hem, the better the cloth. It’s only when you look for this when you’ll realize that some manufacturers are too lazy to even include the hem. They’ll just loosely stitch the clothes together. Lazy, right? 
  5. Stretchy Stretch- If you’re buying fabrics that stretch, give them a light tug. If they lose their shape, they’re not going to last long. Toss it back in the store’s aisle. 
  6. Zipper Length- Many times, the length of the zipper is shorter than the cloth itself. If it’s a skirt, pants, sweatshirt, or any other piece of clothing, for that matter, ensure the zip’s length matches. 
  7. 100%? -Avoid buying clothes with labels that read 100% cotton shrink much easily than other fabrics. Clothes that come with a little mix with cotton are the ones to take home. 
  8. Seam and Thread- Doesn’t it look odd when the color of the seam and thread is different? Of course, because it is odd! Ensure you check the thread colors match so you’re sure of what you’re buying. Such clothes also scream “LOW QUALITY.”
  9. Button Details- Bulk clothes, especially those of low quality require a definite quality check, especially when it comes to buttons and buttonholes. Ensure you close all the buttons and open them again before buying them.
  10. Faded much?- When buying purses, especially, it’s a good habit to check the folds, buckles, and straps. If they look even lightly faded on either of these places, then it’s probably close to its end already. Don’t pay for it. 

We’re sure you’ll remember us when you go shopping the next time. Happy shopping!