10 Times Kids Showed Their Special Sense of Humor

Kids are an amazing set of humans. Their wit, their cute moves, and sometimes even their dark sense of humor never fail to amaze us. They have their way of thinking and a world of their own from where they pick such things up. And we never get bored of kids and here sharing 10 pictures that show how they can make our lives more unpredictable and humorous.


  1. It’s exam day tomorrow.

2. He asked me to pick a hand with a sock,


3. She wanted to babysit her little sister.

4. This was a gift from my niece.



5. My niece made me this – Carrots, Panda chocolate, and some Yogurt, exactly how I like my sandwich.

6. Hiding trick #1



7. My sister couldn’t take the whole banana, so she ate it like a taco.



8. Hiding trick #2. Of course, we can’t see them!

9. What a swap!




!0. It needs to be real.