10 Photos Showing How Powerful Mother Nature Is

Nature is powerful. From offering us the most panoramic views to scenes that can leave us with goosebumps, it can give us a glimpse at it all, and from different parts of the planet. Diversity begins from nature itself and that’s a quality we humans have embraced too. From plants growing out of nowhere to an aerial view of a volcanic eruption; from molten lava that looks like the gates of hell to a tree that ate a post box, every picture in this article is a beautiful and mystical depiction of nature at its best and worst!

1. Roots


Courtesy: Flickr


2. Powerful lightning storm in Canada

Courtesy: Pixabay


3. A huge Jellyfish

Courtesy: NatGeo Russia


4. Shower rain passing through a village

Courtesy: Pixabay


5. “The Heart of Mordor”

Courtesy: Pinterest


6. Waterfall of the Gods in Iceland

Courtesy: NatGeo

7. How strong this little leaf is

Courtesy: Facebook

8. A supercell thunderstorm

Courtesy: Pinterest

9. A tree engulfing a mailbox

Courtesy: Twitter


10. This molten lava looks like the gates to hell.

Courtesy: USGS