10 Must Check Perfectly Captured Pics

Be it the phone’s camera or the best DSLR, capturing a perfect shot isn’t easy. Many elements such as light, composition have to work out perfectly to create a good photo. However, at times even amateur photographers get lucky enough to press the shutter at the perfect moment. In such cases, the technicalities might not be up to the mark, but the results do make us laugh or amaze us, so the final product is definitely worth seeing.
Here are a few such amazing shots that were captured at the right moment. Take a look!


  1. I am a half-human., half-bird. I am from the Harry Potter era!


2) I can walk on the water too!

3) We are breaking the stereotype.



4) Who says you can’t reach the moon? Watch us!



5) I have ‘bee’ until ear-pods.


6) I like to hang out with myself.


7)That’s my new hairdo! how do you like it? 😉


8) It’s a safe space.


9) My new accessory!



10) Just a regular kiss, no biggie!