Life Hacks

10 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

Life hacks are designed to improve your life, and their true definition is a system or procedure adopted to deal with one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient manner.

To make life easier, work on simplifying your life. You can use life hacks to put you in a comfortable zone.

With a growing percentage of inventive hacks making their way onto the internet every day, there’s no excuse for not making compromises (the smart way) and rescuing yourself time and hassle.

You learn something new every day, and you can discover some pretty amazing things. Regardless, there are always a lot of hacks for making life more straightforward that you haven’t found yet.

This list will make you wonder, “Where have these been my entire life?” Because they indeed are incredible. These little-known techniques will improve your life, from cleaning your console to applying eyeliner.

So, instead of ignoring these virtuoso strategies to streamline everything, start to use these simple life hacks!

A famous Reddit thread recently recognised some of the better choices for everyday use. Here are a few examples:

If you’re wondering what usable life hacks you can use to make your daily life easier, here’s a list to look through:

1. Polish Your Teeth

Our day begins with brushing our teeth. Brushing is a fundamental step that ensures freshness. There is still drowsiness after waking up. We tidy our teeth to get rid of them. To the toothpaste, add a pinch of salt. It should be done while the glue is being applied to the brush.

Brush your teeth gradually in all directions. This will brighten your teeth by making them whiter than they have ever been. The extra salt will help you get rid of the pale yellow surface of your teeth.

Furthermore, salt contains fluoride, which kills all microbes. This will keep your mouth in good condition, extending your life. In this vein, never try to add sodium to your glue.

2. The Button Swindle

Assume you are preparing for a trip. You’re putting on your favourite shirt. However, you ran into a minor snag. Your shirt’s button is undone. It’s so loose that it could fall off. It would be highly embarrassing for you all to forget to wear your shirt. Don’t worry; there is a solution.

You only need nail polish. Apply the nail polish to the thread that is holding your button. This will keep your shirt’s buttons from falling off. Allow the refined thread to dry now. However, you won’t have to wait long because it dries quickly. The thread will become coarser as a result of this.

3. Retrieve Misplaced Items

A few things are precious to us. Things like hurdles, rings, keys, and so on are used daily. We may face a few issues as a result of their loss. You must have been in a lot of trouble after losing.

There is an answer for every problem.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, tie a piece of cotton fabric around the attraction’s pipe’s mouth. Ensure that it is firmly tied to prevent the content from being sucked in.

Turn on the switch from that point forward. Cover the places where you may misplace your belongings. Put the attraction’s pipe, for example, under your bed. For you might come across an old lost ring. So, this stunt is worth attempting.



Some accessories are used daily and we must handle those items with care as they quickly show signs of wear and tear. One such item is your charger. The cable deteriorates if not properly maintained.

What you can do is as follows. Remove the spring from such an old click-pen. Uncoil the season to make it thicker. Then, at the USB port junction, recoil the spring. The spring acts as a protective layer, preventing wear – and – tear. This can assist you in extending the cable’s life by several years.

5. The Egg Manipulator

Have trouble removing a bubbled egg? If this stunt is just for you. Many people do not have a specific plan for releasing a bubbled egg. As a result, the egg white travels along with the external calcium protective coating.

You only need baking soda; after it has bubbled, wash the ovum in cool water. Consumption may occur if the egg remains hot.

Then, rub the egg with a small amount of baking soda.

Your efforts will be aided by the carbon dioxide produced during the process. This trick is also helpful for many lone wolves who are just starting. So, before you mess up with the egg, grab the powder. At this point, try it!

6. The Smile Hack

The most valuable asset you can bestow on your face is a smile. It is a timeless ornament. A genuine smile will enhance your face’s beauty incomparably. Unfortunately, many people’s smiles are phoney. And a fake smile is easy to spot. So, here’s a tip for appearing more genuine. When you smile, draw your eyelids together. Your eyes expose your mental and emotional state. This becomes more apparent when taking a photograph.

With narrow lids, focus in the centre of the lens. Remember to smile and show your teeth. This will enhance the radiance of your smile.

7. Toilet Cleaning

If your toilet is a mess, your house is a mess. A filthy toilet will taint your reputation. Your visitors will not approve of a dirty toilet. You just can’t afford that to happen.

Entertain the probability that your visitors will arrive soon, and the cleaner will be empty. Relax because there is a solution. You will not anticipate the presence of an elective cleaner in your refrigerator. Indeed, a bottle of coke will teach you a couple of things.

Pour the contents of the container over the toilet’s edge. This will allow the liquid to drain down the chest. Allow the chest to remain unflushed for a short period. Clean the bathroom with a cleaning solution the following day. As a result, keep an eye on the stunt work.


Batteries are a necessity in our daily lives. Batteries are in high demand due to the rise in portable electrical appliances. It is a superpower for many shaving products, remotes, and other devices. However, there is a massive scam going on in the battery industry. Here’s a trick to keep you from becoming a victim. Take a battery and hold it about 6-7 inches away from the table. Drop it now. It’s a bad battery if it’s bounced more than once.

Otherwise, the battery is still charged. You’ll be able to test it in no time. Many people are unaware of this trick. So, the next time you check it, drop it.


This may appear to be impossible, but scientific knowledge makes sense. The vapour from the iron and a wet cloth or paper towel broadens the dented wood. Although you should test it first in a less visible area, it’s worth the 3–5 minutes it requires to try it out!


Your flip flop straps will eventually break through the pit in the bottom of the shoe, but that doesn’t necessarily imply they have to.

To maintain it from slipping through the divided hole, use a bread clip. Very astute and industrious!


Finally, keep your brain active throughout the day. As minor stumbling blocks appear, laugh it off and find a way out. The more hiccups you encounter, the more tricks you get to pursue and implement in your life. Finally, life hacks assist your creative thoughts in getting to work. They, in turn, help you a lot to live comfortably in this hectic world, which is a necessity of the hour.