10 Kids share freaky stories that leave us all confused and surprised!

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Kids have the power to demonstrate creativity to the nth level. No wonder they always have some of the most surprising things to say. But sometimes, they also have some of the most freaky stories that leave us all confused. There’s no idea about the birth of these thoughts and how much these kids believe in them, but what is common about all these kids is they narrate these stories with utmost confidence and innocence. Read on to read some of the most freaky stories shared by 15 kids.

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1. My 5-year-old son tells me that before me, he had another mother and that they lived in China. One day, I asked him his mom’s name, and he said a weird name. I asked him if he misses his other mom, and he said yes, but he loves me too. © Lu Mastrodoménico / Facebook

2. Once, I saw my 3-year-old girl very thoughtful and serene. I asked her what she was thinking about, and she told me that she was remembering when she was an angel, at a time when we did not know each other yet. © Blanca Lidia Piggeonoutt Rodríguez / Facebook

3. When my son was one and a half years old, we were watching a movie, and he said, “A cat.” A few seconds later, a cat appeared on the screen. My husband and I looked at each other, and I asked him: “Have you seen it before?” He replied that he had not. © Conny Hernandez / Facebook

4. When my grandson was 3 years old, we would play, and he would say to me, “Grandma, watch out for the wings of the angel next to you.” He said he saw 3 angels watching over us. © Marja Leonor Maldonado / Facebook

5. Once, when my son was almost 2 years old, he stroked my face and smilingly told me that he had seen me from heaven and had chosen me to be his mother. I looked at him, gave him a kiss, and replied that I had also chosen him as my son. He looked at me puzzled and said: “No! I saw you when you were walking on a bridge, you were wearing a beautiful dress, and I asked for you to be my mother.” I hugged him and said, “Thank you for choosing me.” He kissed me and smiled. © Hope BN / Facebook

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6. My 6-year-old granddaughter told me when she was 2 years old that she loved me very much because she was my mom. My mother passed away a month before she was born. © Lucy Castro Alvarez / Facebook

7. My son was 2 years old when he told me he saw a man sitting on an armchair in the living room. One day we visited my father’s house, and there was a photograph of him. My son, when he saw it, said: “Mommy, this is the man who is in our house.” I was surprised since he never got to meet his grandfather, as he died 5 months before he was born. © Teresa Reyes Flores / Facebook

8. When my son was a year and a half old, he used to talk to an imaginary friend. One day, while I was looking for some documents, he told me his name. After a few minutes, I found the name of this imaginary friend on a birth certificate: it was my husband’s great-grandfather’s name. © Maria Caro / Facebook

9. My 3-year-old daughter asked me why her baby brother was a boy when before, when it was with her in my belly, it had been a girl. I had been pregnant with 2 babies and had lost a girl. © Marjorie Lorena Hurtado Cortes / Facebook

10. I was looking at some pictures of the sea with my aunt. My 2-year-old son looked out and told us: “I was a diver, I used to go under the sea. Sometimes I climbed into a small submarine. But once, while swimming, I was stung by a stingray. It hurt me a lot.” © Ross Guz Cal / Facebook