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10 Gadgets Your Grandkids Will Possibly Have

The debate on the pros and cons of inventions has been and will always be a never-ending one. TBH, there never will be a conclusion to this discussion because everything in this world does have some good or bad in it. As long as we are mindful about using these technological inventions in balance, it’s all good. That’s something to think about.

Some of us also wonder about the gizmos that our future generations will use. Like, our grandchildren will probably use gadgets that might only seem like fiction or fantasy at the moment, isn’t that cool?

Take a look at some such tech gadgets. The laundry folding magnet is a winner!

1. A device that translates animal thoughts into human language

Courtesy: No More Woof

2. A lighter watch

Courtesy: TopnotchLoot

3. The Smart Finger:  A distance-measuring device

Courtesy: YankoDesign

4. A fridge that uses biopolymer gel to cool food

Courtesy: YankoDesign

5. A nail watch

Courtesy: Timex & Core77

6. A hanger that dries and disinfects towels

Courtesy: YankoDesign/ Pure Design

 7. The pen printer

Courtesy: YankoDesign

8. A circular shower

Courtesy: Twitter

9. A speaker that lets you touch music


10. A robot suitcase

Courtesy: Facebook